Building Your Family through Surrogacy

Whatever your needs are, Babytree Surrogacy offers the best services to bring you together with a healthy surrogate carrier so that you can fulfill your dream of building a family with a baby. Surrogacy is one of the alternatives to adoption and allows you to raise a child that is biologically yours without undergoing a pregnancy.

How Does Surrogacy Work?

We will go over the questionnaire regarding your possibility of being able to offer a safe and stable home for a child. Once you are approved as a Babytree parent, we will match you with your ideal surrogate carrier. When the match is accepted by both sides, you and the surrogate will sign the necessary contracts. You will pay the surrogate for her service with an agreed-upon fee – usually between $30,000 and $50,000 – along with the cost of medical insurance, travel, medical costs, and other specified expenses. The surrogate will carry your child for the entire pregnancy, and upon delivery, the child is legally adopted by you.

Matching You with Your Surrogate Carrier

At Babytree Surrogacy, we understand that you wish to be involved with every step of your baby’s growth from the conception to the delivery. Our matching protocols carefully screen our potential surrogate carriers and pair them with parents who share a common goal and vision with the surrogates. You always have the final say in who will carry your child.

Providing You with Support through IVF and Transfer

We can work with your preferred IVF clinic or refer you to a trusted medical practice near you to begin the process of IVF. Your embryo will be transferred into the surrogate carrier through a procedure called gestational surrogacy. Using surrogacy to become a parent truly puts you in control of the entire situation: you can choose between a single or multiple implantations. We will keep you informed of the status of the fetus and the health of the surrogate through the entire pregnancy.

Egg Donation

Should you be unable to use your embryo for whatever reason, we can also match you with an egg donor who will carry a child that is biologically their own but will be legally adopted by you upon birth. You can select an egg donor that meets several criteria, such as medical history, ethnic background, age, and physical appearance.

We Handle all the Legal Paperwork

When you work with Babytree Surrogacy, all the legal procedures that are part of the surrogate process are handled entirely by us. We understand the surrogacy laws in every state ins US and offer a contract that protects you, your child, and the surrogate carrier now and in the future. We will take the time during the initial matching process to ensure that both you and the surrogate fully understand your rights and responsibilities according to the contract.


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